2011-06-03 PDF

Kittens #2 Released

We released the third issue of kittens – the English speaking journal of Junge Linke gegen Kapital und Nation. It is available online (kittens-02) and around London.

Table of Contents

  1. WikiLeaks - the state persecutes its idealists (HTML version)
  2. Jobs, Growth, Justice - an alternative that isn't (HTML version)
  3. Education is a duty ?(HTML version)
  4. Historical Materialism - an anti-revolutionary theory of revolution ??(HTML version)
  5. "If we can have rice, we can have everything" - a critique of Khmer Rouge ideology and practice (HTML version)

The previous issues of kittens are available here.

Update: EPUB and MOBI formats for eBook readers uploaded. Physical copies can be ordered from Active Distribution.