2010-06-09 PDF

Kittens #1 Released

We released the second issue of kittens – the English speaking journal of Junge Linke gegen Kapital und Nation. It is available online (kittens-01-web) and around London. 

Table of Contents

  1. Why anti-national? (online version)
  2. Games, entertainment and competition between states (online version, older German version)
  3. ``You mean they actually vote for the lizards?'' (online version)
  4. Proud to be ... So what? (online version, German version)
  5. Some remarks on homosexuality und homophobia (online version, German version)
  6. Public debt makes the state go round (online version)
  7. On Hans-Georg Backhaus' dialectic of the value-form

The previous issue of kittens is available here.

Update: EPUB and MOBI formats for eBook readers uploaded. Physical copies can be ordered from Active Distribution.